Mg Rover Closure: 15 Years On

So, we are now just over 15 years since MGR went into administration and ceased trading at Longbridge. Hasn't the time flown by! At the time of closure, I was only 10 years old so don't really remember seeing the events unfold on the news channels. On YouTube you can find some of these old video's which are well worth a watch although slightly sad to see even 15 years later. Look at the support we now have for MGR. The whole range is loved and well supported by many car enthusiasts all over the country. Car shows all over the UK still see many of the MGR range attending and generally most people appreciate the cars and the history behind them. Although it's clear to see a massive decline of MGR cars on the general road these days, numbers dropping year by year with these days being lucky to catch a sight of one in the over populated roads full of the latest technology and leading brands. We see a lot being lost to accident damage, and general corrosion where the cost to repair is not worth doing financially. It is a shame to see but with the age of the cars now unfortunately they cannot all be saved from the elements! As the years continue the MGR brand is starting to become well loved by car enthusiasts and prices on certain models are increasing. For a few years’ prices were completely at rock bottom and you could pick up a cheap MGR model for about the price of a week’s shop! Now things have changed, and people are starting to appreciate the cars which they do not see on the roads anymore. The metro for example, prices for a metro used to be very cheap to the point you couldn't give them away, now standard and original examples are starting to become desirable with prices increasing yearly also certain parts getting much rarer to find. Another great example of this is the Rover 220 turbo, very desirable recently and prices are looking at 5k+ for a good example now. Onward and upwards as the years go by, we hope!